Thursday, February 23, 2012

preparing for a crafty weekend

My buddy's husband is out of town this weekend so we are having a big old craft a thon. I've been looking forward to having a weekend of crafting for a while now - the semester has been busy and the opposite of fun. I finished up work a little early today and came home to work on a couple projects to prepare for the weekend.

First, I finished up the circle block units for my twister block for February Beejeebers! I really like how this is coming alone. Last weekend I was about ready to scrap it and start over. I've glad I stuck with it because it is shaping up nicely. Here is it in "final formation." I looked up the order the board is laid out and then put the colors in order. I rotated the "special slice" for each block one quarter turn. I think it looks pretty cool. I think I should have picked up some green solid since the other blocks are 3/4 solid but this works. This was a total "from the stash" block. Plus the dots are awesome!

I also finished putting my postage stamp blocks together. Each block is 64 little squares sewn together! Next step is to put in sashing and lay them out. I bought some navy to frame them with and Kona Khaki for the background. I might try seeing what Bone looks like also.

 So many little squares!! I really like how this stash buster turned out.

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  1. =D <---------- This is me. I am LOVING the twister block! It's just perfect!! Thank you!

    And the postage stamps! I love it! Have a great crafty weekend!! :)