Monday, February 20, 2012

twister block WIP

I've been slowly chipping away at my twister block for February Beejeebers. The theme is family board games and I picked Twister (mostly because I don't know most of the games!). I'm almost done with all my circle blocks - each is 4 parts made from quarter circle blocks. I have six more to go! As you can see, some need parts cut from them. My machine ate some of them -- oops!

I've been using my CurveMaster quilting foot - it is designed to help feed curves so you don't have to pin them. I'm finding that it is pretty trickly with these tiny little units - they finish at 2 inches. So tiny...

This is one where the inside stopped feeding - for some reasons, I find my Kona to Kona circles are easy. The lighter and "mixed fabric" ones are harder to get. I've done a lot of rip outs.

This is the block so far. It will be 4 of each color arranged all Twister style. I'll have to look up the order again before putting the rows together. I have to cut some new parts out (machine was hungry and ate some of them!) so I hope that getting some fresh cuts into my machine makes getting the last circles together without a lot of pain. At least I know that getting the circle hunks together will be painless!

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