Tuesday, January 10, 2012

postage stamp blocks - almost done!

Progress has been made on my postage stamp blocks first introduced here. I love how fast blocks come together once you start working with larger blocks! I have 16 patch units right now that will be grouped together to make 64 patch units! WOWSERS!

So here is a nice stack of 32 patches.

I had avoided really planning this quilt until now - it was more of a "just sew and use up some odd ball strips" kind of project. I guess quilting luck was in my favor because I have enough "half blocks" to make 9 full blocks - the perfect amount for a 9 by 9 block quilt. Below is all I have left from my 16 patch units!

 I'm going to add sashing and perhaps do some framing for each block. I need to let it marinate for a bit. This is my first postage stamp quilt and I did it old school style - sewed all those buddies together! I thought about using the fusible web method but wasn't sure how stiff that would make the top. I might try it in the future if I do another postage stamp quilt.

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  1. It's going to be fabulous when it's done! Good for you!!