Saturday, September 1, 2012

beejeebers! and being slow

I finished my Beejeeber's block for September - isn't it awesome?

We used this tutorial and made the blocks in rainbow colors. I learned that I really lack true blues and reds in my stash.

Starting my new job is really slowing me down. I'm not sure how I found time to sew when I was teaching a ton of classes, but working 40 hours a week totally changes the game. This week I managed to do a tiny, tiny bit of quilting. And the above block. And nothing else.

I think my new plan is to try to get things ready to go so that I don't need to hunt for the parts for my projects, clear out space to cut, and then fandangle my machine to get the right foot and tread going on it. Perhaps boxes I can just pick up and sew with could be made if I set aside time to organize and cut things up. Sounds like too much work for me at this point! But I'll figure it out. I might just need to wait for my brain and body to get used to being a working gal.

At least I have a real income now.... and can better afford my hobby!

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  1. Congrats on the job! It really does interfere with sewing time though doesn't it?

    Big congrats on being AQS blog of the week too! (I saw it on Facebook)