Sunday, August 26, 2012

ufo's and wip's - what an adventure

I finished this quilt this morning. It felt really good to get it finished. I spent a little time figuring out some of the odd sections to get together at Sarah's Friday and managed to bring home the top in a good enough preparational state to get it finished up. This one is a couple years old!

I don't really have space to lay it out at home, so this teaser will have to do the job. I'll get some full sized shots when I get it ready for quilting.

A few months ago, I looked over my UFO and WIP list (maybe it is the same list for some projects!) and decided to start hammering them out. I managed to finish a bunch of quilts over the summer, including Sparkle Punch, Snapshots, Tetris, STARS, Postage Stamps,  and probably some others I am forgetting.

Pat linked up with Leah's first UFO Sunday. What a great idea! The main reason I blog about quilting is to share what I'm doing and to get ideas from others. With new ideas often comes too many started projects that quickly turn into UFOs. As we would say in my household, RUT ROH!

In the spirit to laying my UFOs on the table, I've decided to put them all out there for the world to see. Before you think I've become a hot mess, I think it is going to be therapeutic to get them out there. Then maybe I can remember what needs to be done.

So, with no further chit chat from the peanut gallary, my UFO and WIP list.

Fenced In - Not so much!

ATCFA Swap Blocks in American colors

Beejeebers blocks

More swap blocks in purples, greens and golds

Batch of Brownies. Very UFO

More swap blocks - but this time with sashing!

Ugh, too many! Some I don't even want to work on but I know I should. I might have to start some other projects to break these up. If you feel adventurous today, go ahead and link yourself up!

UFO Sundays on the Free Motion Quilting Project


  1. You must love color. These will all be beautiful and I can't wait to see them.

  2. Work on the beejeebers! It looks so pretty! And don't count your uncut fabiric, just consider it stash!!

  3. Hey Beeps! I'm so happy you're joining us for UFO Sundays! Hopefully we can turn all those beautiful blocks into gorgeous quilts. Problem is, which one first?!