Friday, August 24, 2012

feeling lost in this project

I received bad news today. I didn't know what to do with myself so I pulled this old WIP out because I thought it would be simple to get together. I just want to do some easy sewing because it soothes my soul. When you are sad, says my former doctor, it is always good to do something. Sewing is my something.

I had it laid out on the back of a plastic, flannel backed table cloth. Those things make fantastic portable design walls. When you don't want to work on something, just fold it up and tuck it away. Maybe that is why this project escaped me for so long.

 Instead of having a nice, easy sewing session, I found a big mess. I poorly planned this quilt and, instead of working section by section like any normal person, I just sewed things together and filled in the gaps as I laid it out back whenever.

I tried using my trust ABC pins to keep order, but that doesn't work well went there is no order in the first place. Instead of having neat, tidy rows and blocks, I have odd sections and L seams to figure out. I could rip things apart in section that need it and start again, but it seems like too much work.

I guess I'll see what happens. Maybe I need to tuck it away for some more time before picking it up again.

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  1. I hate to hear that bad news has come your way. Even though the project wasn't working the way you wanted it to, it still gave you something to think about. I bet you'll figure it out. Keep your chin up and stay positive!!!