Thursday, August 23, 2012

binding backwards

This week I finished up two of the quilts on my list - the postage stamp quilt and the tetris quilt along quilt.

Stamps - DONE!

Tetris - DONE!
I decided to try something new with the binding. I like to do machine binding because hand sewing takes a long time (and my arthritis is going a little bonkers). Usually, I would sew the binding to the front and then fold it to the back before "stitching in the ditch" on the front of the quilt to secure the binding to the back. This worked okay but I would occasionally find spots on the back there the needled didn't catch the binding. This got me thinking about reversing things, so that I would sew the binding down to the front. DING DING! I had an idea.

With these quilts, I sewed my binding to the back and then flipped to the front. I found it really easy to sew along the edge of the binding on the front to hold it down.

I love this quilting!
 For the postage stamp quilt, I used 2.5" binding. I felt I had a little too much fabric to fold over and the seam on the front is inconsistent at times. I don't think most people would notice but I do!

Purple binding everywhere!
 For the Tetris quilt, I reduced the binding down to 2" and it was a lot more manageable. I had a nice, tight fold over and the stitching was easy. I had to trim the batting and fabric in the corners to get my miters to look good, but this was really easy to do.

I love the backing on this!
I plan to keep doing my bindings this way, except for maybe very special quilts that need the hand touch. I totally suggest giving it a try if you like to machine your bindings! Maybe I'll do a tutorial for it next time I'm binding - I was so focused on getting these quilts together (both are gifts for friends) that my picture taking skills failed me!


  1. Beeps, I use 2 1/4 inch binding and I find it perfect for machine stitching. It covers up the stitching on the front nicely and I also cut the batting away in the corners to get the miter perfect. I'm so glad I found someone who does the binding the same way as I do :) Your quilts look gorgeous!

  2. Your tetris quilt looks awesome!! And I love machine stitching my binding to the front :)

  3. I like your tetris quilt - nice work! It was fun, wasn't it?