Tuesday, September 27, 2011

star quilt along - top done!

I finished my top for the stars quilt along hosted over at happy quilting. I first posted about this little diddy back here.

Ta da! I'm quite pleased with out it turned out. My sweetie bear helped me lay all the blocks out and figure out the order they looked best in. That took a while - I decided not to sweat it more than I have to since I should be, I don't know, working on work or something. Next stop is to get this baby sandwiched and quilted. I've been debating boarders on this - what do you all think? I thought maybe it would be a different experiance for me. Heck, the wonky blocks were a new experiance for me!

The last month has been pretty busy for me - semester starting, new courses to prep and teach, 250 students, and a lot of freelance writing work (mostly writing test banks - yuck!). Work stuff and family stuff has kept me from sewing as much as I have wanted but I hope to get back into things shortly. About the time I figure I am caught up enough to get back to blogging something comes and bits my bootie. C'est la vie!

Anyways, it feels good to get this top done in time for the parade on Friday!

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