Wednesday, September 28, 2011

wonky baby quilt

My best buddy from highschool and his wife are having a baby in February. This means it is time to make a quilt for them. They decided to do a gender neutral primary colors set. I thought, ohh, this will be fun to work with. They are both into more contemporary art, so I thought it would be a good time to try my hand at a wonky log cabin quilt.

I went though some solid color combos at the shop before getting an idea. Remember inkjet printers and those silly 3 color cartridges? I decided to do that for the quilt. Magenta, yellow, and cyan with white and a black/white print.

I really like that print. It reminds me of bowling balls. The woman who cut it at the shop said someone else had bought some earlier in the day to make a baby quilt. I told her that was my plan too! I wanted a contemporary black and white print that wasn't too big and this fit the spot. I love the little yellow bits in there!

I plan to chop into this tonight and get some blocks done. First I need to decide if I want to do 6 or 9 inch blocks. Choices, choices....

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