Saturday, August 13, 2011

happy quilting star quilt along - yippie!

I've got all my fabric ready for next week, when the sewing part of Happy Quilting Start quilt along starts!

I love traditional blocks. I mean, I LOVE THEM. Churn Dash? CHECK. Ohio Star? CHECK. This quilt along is right up my ally AND it gave me a great excuse to pick up some sweet fabric. I had my eye on the Retro Active line from Stonehill Collection and thought, you know, this is it. I matched it with some Konas (sage, flesh, and a purple I'm not sure about!). 

I love that big flower print - swoon! I plan to match a peach with a purple for the blocks and to use Kona bone (I think that is what it is... good enough, right? Kona something or other!) for the background. The plan right now is to do a 20 block quilt with boarders. It is the perfect size for little old me!


  1. Any chance you have a fat 1/8th of that Stonehill purple floral you like to sell? Help? Thanks!

  2. I'm all out of that print. Sorry :(