Friday, August 3, 2012

wip blastoff!

This past week I have been focusing on finishing my hefty WIP list. One reason to finish them up is because it seems silly to have so many. Why not finish them and make them into something someone can enjoy?

Let's see what I managed this week!

Sparkle Punch is finished! I have to take a good picture but I love how it turned out. The quilting and binding look good with the fall colors.

In the Quilting and Binding category, I should be finishing these up soon. I ordered backing (very cute!!) for the 64 patch top. Snapshots just needs to be sandwiched. I hope to prep both for quilting this weekend. My Blue Tree Skirt is also up here cause I finished the top yesterday. I need to get backing for it.

The plan for today is to finish my Red Tree Skirt. I have to make the big star blocks and the small ones. That won't take a lot of time!

Here is Mimi on some quilts. I had them on the bed not even 5 minutes before she made herself at home.

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