Thursday, August 2, 2012

sparkle punch - quilted

I started and finished the quilting on my Sparkle Punch quilt.

I decided on white thread (closest to the Kona Bone I had on hand - I was itching to quilt!). I decided to try a new quilting pattern. So far, I meander most quilts. Once I went wild and did flowers. For this one, a lot of people in the QAL were doing a zig-zaggy star burst pattern. I set out to do that but ended up with zigs, zags, and some boxy shapes. It was fun to try out and I think my end product looks really cool with the stars.

The top has some great texture and I can't wait to get it bound!

This is my first week getting things together for Try New Things Thursday! Woo! I even figured out how to get the button!


  1. Your sparkle quilt is really nice.

  2. I love the quilting you did. Awesome!!! I don't know why the picture on your button isn't showing up. That is weird.

  3. I love the quilting. I now have three quilt tops that need to be bound and quilted. I need your motivation to my rear in gear!!!