Friday, August 17, 2012

snapshots - all done!

I finished my Snapshots quilt this week. The pattern is in The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman.

I have really liked making 36 patch quilts since making my lemonade quilt during Crazy Mom Quilt's 36 patch quilt along. I keep dreaming of making all my jelly rolls into 36 patch quilts but end up stopping before I get going. Variety is needed!

This quilt started after I received the book. Her Snapshots is done with black and white prints. I really liked that look. Then last fall I noticed the holiday fabrics coming out at Jojo's. The red and white prints stood out to me so I started collecting ones that were not too obviously Christmas. The plan worked because most of the reds matched pretty well.

This is the first pieced back I've ever done. I don't know why it took me soo long to give one a shot. It was a lot of fun! I really like the yellow on the back of this top. It just makes it fun.

 I quilted this diagonally on the whites. I noticed another top that did this and really liked how it looked. I have been in a meandering rut and decided to try some new ways of quilting on the next few quilts I finish up.

The binding is nice and scrappy. I really like this stripped print. I wish I had enough to do the whole binding!

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  1. I love this quilt! I received that book as a surprise gift from my BF. I adore all the quilts in that book. Great job! Are you keeping it for yourself or is it being gifted?