Saturday, August 18, 2012

fat quarter shop - 12 pound grab bag review

Yup, as you can read from the title someone received one of the Fat Quarter Shops 12 pound grab bags. Someone (who shall remain nameless) forgot my holiday gift and, since my birthday is coming up and that will likely also be forgotten, sent one of these to me as a joint holiday/birthday box.

I checked out a couple reviews online before we ordered. Looked good! Both reported more fabric than expected and the boxes they received were super yummy - one was a bunch of fabric from simular color lines and the other was a true grab bag!

I'm pleased to report that my box did not disappoint! For all the "cut from bolt" pieces (that is, ones cut X lengh by WOF) I had over 30 yards of scrap (conservative measure). I also had about 2-3 yards of odd sized pieces. All the fabric was pretty good sizes - the smallest cut was 3ish by WOF and the smallest hunk was about 10 inches square. Most of the cuts were between 6 and 17 inches long by WOF, which means they are great for working into projects. The most common sizes were 6 and 9 -17.

Below, I've put in some pictures with comments. I totally recommend picking one of these up if you love scraps and fun fabric. Most of the fabric was more traditional (vs. modern prints) but it was a good mix. I had a few holiday prints and a couple novelty (super heros?!) in there also.

The box overflows... very well packed!
So much fabric!
There were a lot of fun prints in the box. Below are some of my favorites.

Perfect for a baby quilt!

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