Thursday, July 26, 2012

wip - on the board!

 Despite my goals to actually finish projects this summer, it seems I'm doing a better job of starting projects instead.

I've been working on my Snapshots quilt (pattern in The Practical Guide to Patchwork) for a couple of weeks now. I have all of the rows matched with another row and sewn together. Next up is taking and sewing three sets together to make the blocks. I'm really liking how it is turning out with the red and white prints.

I also have this simple log cabin quilt that I'm working on. This was inspired by a need to sit and sew something not complicated for a while. I have 12 blocks done now and plan to make several more for a full sized top. This is also busting my Connecting Thread's Golden Afternoon strip sets and charms that I managed to collect.

 My last summer top is from Beejeebers. I have all but one block in but I went ahead and picked out my solids for the front and back. The patterns is Mod Mosaic from Oh, Frannson! Once side will be set is Kona Celery and the other side in Kona Khaki. I am debating about going to another store to find a blue to replace the khaki. Just seems like something brighter might be more fun. Anyways, it is time to start taking risks!

And last is the "to quilt" pile. I tend to go in spirts with the quilting depending on when I can find time to lay them out and get them pinned.  One is my wonky star top (ohfransson) and the other is a postage stamp top I put together with some odd strips.

I'm pretty sure I have a couple other projects floating around but finding them would take some work. I'll go hunt them down once I finish these!

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  1. Wow! you've been busy. I wish I had more going on in the quilting world. I might take your post as some inspiration to kick me in the right direction.