Tuesday, July 31, 2012

mod mosaic ... making progress

I've starting finishing my mod mosaic quilt from Beejeebers QAL. This might be the biggest task I've ever taken on in my quilting experiance. Too many choices to make!

I really like seeing finished quilts from bees. It is almost like a homecoming - seeing your block hanging out with its new block buddies forming a beautiful quilt for your friend to enjoy forever. In other words, that is my motivation to finish this up!

I started laying them on on my bed. I found that cheap flannel backed plastic tablecloths work really well for laying out quilts. The blocks stick the the fabric a bit, so when you are done you can fold up and move your project without disturbing your layout. I feel that laying this out might be a task to do with a couple of friends and a big floor space. I think I want to layout the front and back at the same time!

In the meanwhile, I started framing the blocks. I realize now I should have requested this, but oh well. I have a bolt of Kona White so it isn't really an issue. This might be an issue of slow and steady wins the race!

I'm in the process of interviewing for jobs (I have two this week!) and trying to finish up the WIP pile. I gave a glimpse of my pile the other day but managed to find MORE WIPs when my friends came to stay with us for the weekend. If I'm feeling brave at showing my WIP I will post those later this week. Maybe it will be good motivation to get them done!

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