Monday, July 2, 2012

little quilts

I finished a couple small quilts last week. These are for my new nephew and 3 year old niece, who is now a big sister!

Kit's quilt was really simple. I strip pieced 5 inch strips, cut them up, and laid them out in this diagnal design. The print is little dinosaurs! This is a flannel quilt with straight line quilting.

Isa's quilt is in her favorite colors - orange and pink. I used a "Hugs and Kisses" pattern with 10" and 5" squares I cut from yardage. I think this pattern works better with fabrics that read as solids, but I'm sure she will love the quilt. I started doing FMQ flowers on it and transitioned into doing a simple meander. The deadline of finishing, a need for sleep, and a fear of running out of thread pushed for the change, along with my brain having a hard time conceptualizing flowers that night!

The sky was growing darker when I got out to take pictures, so the colors are a little washed. I guess this is what happens sometimes when the daylight doesn't want to cooperate!

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