Monday, July 23, 2012

back to the 36 patch

So I've been busy working on my new projects. I noted this one a bit ago and invited guesses. Since I have like three readers, I didn't get any guesses. But no problem! I blog for fun, not sport. Heh heh!

Those red and white lovelies are for a 36 patch quilt! I'm following the pattern in The Modern Guide to Patchwork (Hartman) mostly because I wanted to make a quilt with a patterned back. I first noticed a TON of red and white fabrics last holiday season and I gobbled some up when they were on clearance.

I sewed my strip sets together.... I tried not to buy super "holiday" fabric. Most look cool chopped up, especially the larger prints.

And then I chopped the hamburger-helper out of them! (With "hamburger helper" being a replacement swear word I started using at camp!)

I have the wide back units to the right, the 2.5" cuts in the middle stacked every so nicely, and the leftovers to the right. The middle units will be combined to make 36 patch blocks.

The plan this afternoon is work on this baby while I cook up some of the veggies in the fridge. Much easier to cook them all at once and heat the house than to cook them each day. Say YAY for leftovers!

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