Sunday, July 8, 2012

new projects

I decided to start a couple new projects this week. The main motivation being that new things are exciting. The second being I have stash to use up. The third being I think it is about time I put together a tutorial of some sorts!

The first new WIP is something I've wanted to make for a while. I collected red and white prints (see above!) and cut them into strips. Any guesses on what those will turn into?

The second project is a charm square/strips log cabin top. I'm building a tutorial for it since it is a good scrap buster. I was inspired by the scrappy log cabins we made for Beejeebers this month. These aren't too wonky and I'm still messing with them. I have twelve blocks done and I'm working on another either. They will finish at 12x12, which I'm hoping will make a nice size blanket once they are finished up. I'm debating about adding another round of "log cabin" to the blocks to bring them to 16x16. I will see what happens!

That is about it for here. Applying for jobs and working on getting classes for fall together.

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