Thursday, June 21, 2012

sewing in a heat wave

I'm not sure if we really have a heat wave, but it is in the upper 90s here. It is hot! It is humid! And it is time to get some sewing done. My summer course is finishing (just have final papers to get and grade) so I thought it was a good time to figure out what I have going on.

 First, I have my "to quilt" pile. Still hanging out but you might notice it is smaller. That is because I finally got my STARS QAL top quilted!
 Here is the top - I'm working on hand tacking the binding. I'll do a post when I get that one finished but it looks really nice. You can also see that Bobby is back in action. He was very happy to come home and is working better then when he was new out of the box!
 I also have my blocks slowly coming in for Beejeebers. I have them in a pile on the board, waiting for the design wall to clear off so they can be laid out. I might just get another wall going for them since the project on the wall took a while to lay out. So far I have 2 blocks in plus a couple I made. I know a couple are in the mail. This has been a really fun Bee!
And now, because I don't have enough WIP, I am working on getting a top together for my niece. Her brother is due any day now so this is a late birthday/big sister quilt. It will be fast to get together. It is just the "getting to" getting it together has taken some time. I'm using some orange/brown/pink prints from quilters showcase since she likes these colors. I'm doing the X/O pattern. What is that really called? Who knows? Everyone calls it what they want!

So that is it for now. Good thing I don't need to iron much today!

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