Thursday, June 14, 2012

mod mosaic

This is my month for Beejeebers and I picked the mod mosaic block from Elizabeth Hartman's site Oh, Fransson! I couldn't pick a set of colors and decided that the sea colors of the previous month looked really cool so I picked them again! Greeny yellows, teals, blues, and some grey for fun.

I started my block. I'm sewing on NB since Bobby is still at the shop. However, he is done and ready to be picked up! If only Gloversville was much closer to me than it is... but that is besides the point.

I picked out some scraps and started to play with them, looking for some ways they would fit together.

Here is the layout I'm working with. I got lucky in the scrap bin - only had to cut the greys from fresh stash. That was one color I don't have a lot of in the stash since moving to higher quality fabrics. Interestingly, grey is my favorite color. Seems I don't make quilts for myself enough!

What a nice little block! Once I get the sections together I will put them all together. This is a new technique for me but I'm having a lot of fun. 

I am planning to do the quilt double sided, with floating blocks on both sides. I want to use some really fun colors for the background - perhaps a nice aqua on one side and a citron on the other. I'll have to see when I get my blocks in what colors seem to want to shine.

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