Friday, May 18, 2012

grades are in and it's time to sew

I realize I haven't been around the bloggie in a while. The last bit of this semester was kicking my behindie and I didn't have time to get my blog on. However, lack of blogging does not mean lack of quilting!

I have a couple months of Beejeebers to report on. Blocks for April and May: Done!

Makes me wonder if I reported on March. I'll post that baby just in case!

Other activities have focused on finishing UFOs around the house. The flannel lattice quilt is done. Lemonade is quilted and I'm working on the binding. STARS QAL is ready for quilting. Sparkle Punch QAL top (cider punch is what I call mine) is ready to sandwich. Currently quilting a kookie project for my sweetie that I plan to make a little tutorial for - not that it needs it! I'll have to get good pictures of those projects once they are finished.

Once I clear these "almost done" projects, I have a couple lightly started tops to work on in addition to a new project I plan to work on this summer. We'll see how far I get!

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