Wednesday, March 28, 2012

new machine

I've been saving my discover card cash back reward for a few years. Once i started sewing and quilting again, i decided it was time to get a machine for quilting. I have my little Brothers (old Brother and New Brother) and they are great but it is hard to quilt tops on them - there just isn't enough room.

I horded my savings and found a little more and bought myself a quilting machine - a midarm Brother (PS1500 if you are interested). I love it!

For my first mission, I decided to quilt a top my best buddy made - this is her first quilt!

 The long neck on Bobby (as my bestie named him) can hold a lot of quilt. I had no problem working my way around this top - it is 4x6 feet in size.

 I laid it out when I finished to see how it looked. The meandering really gives the top a nice texture and sets off the colors. The quilt looks fresh and alive. Who knew this was my bestie's first quilt?
And, of course, Mimi had to come try the top out. She is currently sleeping on it. I need to do the binding and it is all set!

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