Sunday, August 14, 2011

finding suprises

Remember this beast?

Yup, that's the lemonade quilt. It's bright!

I stopped at 4x4 blocks because I was stash busting and using up some roll leftovers. I thought, this is a small quilt, but it will be a good quilt when it is finished. I wanted to go bigger but didn't want to introduce different fabric lines into it. Something about these prints made me want to showcase them.

Then enter organizing my stash. As I was digging in my "roll box" I found this:

Oh, what? A zillion charms, about 30 strips AND one unopened strip set? Looks like I have more fabric...way more... from this collection than I thought. Oops :)

ETA: As a side note, a strip is a little too short for these blocks but I found that a strip and a charm and a little elbow grease get the job done (you need a strip and a charm of 2 different fabrics for 1 block).

Now the problem is, do I make this quilt bigger? Wait, not a problem. Yes, I will make it bigger.

Some thoughts I have. Not sure which to do... help me out!

1) Pull the blocks apart and make more using all sorts of colors from this line (would include adding more green and some purples, reds, and the like to this quilt).

2) Leave alone but make more blocks with the fabrics used in it already to make it a bit bigger.

3) Leave alone and use different colored blocks around the edges.

What do you think? 4x4 quilts are nice but I like 5x5 and 5x6 best for what I use them for - sleeping!

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  1. Hi Erica- I think you should definitely make it bigger: I mean, how many times in our quilting life do we actually find more of the fabric we need! :)
    Please, do not take anything apart. I like the idea of mixing the squares up. However your idea of leaving the original in the centre and surrounding them: brilliant! Can't wait to see what you decide.
    Greetings from faraway Cyprus,
    Valentina ( Valita's on Flickr!)