Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charm Squares Baby Quilt

This is a baby quilt top I put together recently. I found this pattern on Oh, Fransson! and knew it would be perfect for all the black and white charms I had collected during a charm swap at This was also a good pattern because I had all the materials I needed to make it at the house - my roommate is always pleased when I use my stash!
 First, I prepared all my charms. That was easy! You have to cut some of them in half but I think this was the quickest cut job I ever had for a quilt! I was short a few charms and cut some from my black and white stash. Here, I have them sorted kind of by value.
 I spread them out on the floor and sewed them together in a big square - little rectangle configuration. I tried to keep some contrast between the blocks and to spread out the values a bit.

This is about all the floor space I have in my apartment for quilting. We have a 650 sq foot tiny place with a bad layout. 
Then I sewed all the sashing on. I asked my art buddies what color to use and they suggested red. Lucky for me, I had some leftover red Kona from a binding project for another quilt I did that turned out to be just the right amount!

Looks pretty sharp, eh?
And then, ta da! Sew them all together and you get one cute little baby quilt top. I still need to quilt this one.... someday it will get done!

In all, this took about 3 hours to put together. Using different fabrics and colors can give it a lot of different looks. I plan on making more of these in the future for friends who are having babies.

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