Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Quilt

I've been playing along with the Wantobe Quilter contest on Stash Manicure (well, playing on Quilter days and cheering along on Wantobe days!) and thought, wow, I should post my first quilt. The FIRST one I ever made! I still have it - it lives on the wall in the livingroom. Not sure why....

Here it is:

I made this when I was in elementary school. Early elementary, like 2nd grade. My grandma sewed (not quilts though) and we would always play in her stash, making doll clothes. I'm not totally sure how I got into quilting. I remember checking TONS of craft books out from the library and I'm sure this is where the bug came from. I made this all by hand - cut the squares out, big loopy stitches. A couple years later, once I learned to use a machine, I redid the seams so it wasn't so "falling apart" looking.

This quilt is made with all kinds of different fabrics - cottons, some lightweight denim, stretchy green terry cloth... it's pretty awesome! You can even see a couple of the hearts I appliqued on there.

I think it is kind of cool, seeing that I was a little kid trying something out. I'm surprised I still have it. I made a sampler top in 5th grade which went missing a long time ago. I wish I still had it. There is part of me that wants to pick up fabrics like the ones in this one and make a second one that is "done right" or even pull this one apart and put it together better. But I like how wonky it is. I like how the points don't match and the fabrics are "all wrong." It is a sweet reminder of where I've been and how far I've come in my sewing. It's pretty awesome!

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