Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quilt Block Swap #3

I finally got my blocks for the quilt block swap I'm playing in the mail today. Took me long enough! They have been done for a good two or three weeks at this point. I picked the pattern, my group mates picked their colors. Love it!

Most of the quilt block patterns I found on quilterscache, but some I knew or kind of put together.

 Aunt Eliza's Star (QC 9 inch")
 Split 9 Patch (QC 9")
 Variation of Churn Dash
 Shoo Fly
 Churn Dash
 Austin (QC 12")
 Baby Bud (QC 12")
 Jack in the Box
 Prairie Flower (QC 9")
 Who Knows?
 Annie's Choice (QC 12")
 Linoleum (QC 12")
Advil (QC 12")

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