Saturday, March 5, 2011

lovin' nine patch blocks

i started making quilts when i was a little kid. i'll have to post some pictures of these to show you what i made!

about a year ago, i set out to find a new hobby - something to help me focus on something that wasn't work. i discovered ATCs (artist trading cards) at my local craft store and signed up at it was there that i started getting back into crafts, first with ATCs and then with fabric crafts. during a charm square swap, we figured out that many of us sewed so my buddy carole started hosting quilt block swaps. so much fun!

the basis for the swap is making others in your groups blocks to their size and colors. most of us play for 9 inch blocks, some for 12 inch blocks. as a result, it was easy for me to fall in love with making the little 3 1/2 inch blocks that can be combined to make these!

patchwork star, a black and white 12 inch block. i started to make something else but made too many of the dot/flower half square triangles (HST)!! so i played around and created this lovely block. if you know the traditional name for this one (as i'm sure there is one!) please let me know :)

 churn dash - a traditional block done in fall colors. this one is a 9 inch block that i drafted the pattern for myself. i hope to eventually post directions for making the different kinds of 3 1/2 inch blocks that can be used to make 9 and 16 patch blocks!
double friendship star in blues and whites. i've done a few of this pattern and it looks good if the colors contrast well.

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